"I just wanted to share what a pleasure it has been working with you Carol. Thank you very much for making the process of selecting the right LTC insurance a breeze. Your patience and knowledge is much appreciated. I cannot stress enough the weight you have lifted off my shoulders, with your knowledge, assistance, friendliness and understanding. With my crazy travel schedule you were flexible and just made it work. I learned so much through this process and I will forever be grateful. Now I can breathe again knowing my mother is in great hands and has great coverage! You’re the best! Thanks you!"

-Lilibet W. (CA)

"Purchasing Long Term Care insurance is a big decision, and a significant investment. For that reason, I wanted to explore all my options, and started by asking for quotes from a variety of agents and providers. Carol was the only one that without fail, was able to answer all my questions and take the time to clarify the differences between the plans. She promptly replied to my many phone calls, and answered in detail the long emails full of questions I sent her before making a decision. As I deal with elderly parents and their current care needs, I am painfully aware of the cost of paying for LTC out of pocket. Now that my policy is in place, I can rest a bit easier knowing that we have planned for our later years. Carol made the process painless, and I felt that I made an informed decision. Respectfully..."

-Jane S. (CA)

"Carol is a breath of fresh air in a complex and difficult industry. She explained all of our choices in detail and helped guide us to a policy that best met our needs and budget. She sincerely wanted us to purchase a product that met our needs best and was not simply trying to make a quick sale. We are thankful for all of her help and guidance and have referred her to several of our family and friends. She personally shepherded us through all the details, exams and medical paperwork needed to get this done. She went far and above what we expected. We appreciate everything she as done for us and highly recommend her."

-Lori & Mark (WA)

"I met Carol when joining a local Small Business Round-table group, 10+ years ago and we hit it off instantly. She is a dear person and an extremely professional business woman. I, along with my husband, have enjoyed a few get togethers with her over the years. When I found myself in the position, earlier this year, of having to find a place for my elderly mother with dementia and the lack of planning she and my step-father had, for their long term care, I and my husband realized, we can't put this off OR leave it to our kids to make these difficult decisions. We reached out to Carol inquiring about LTC and within hours she provided answers to our many questions and had several plans sent to us for review. She gave us options based on what was best for us, not what might put dollars in her pocket. Within 6 weeks we were covered with a policy designed to fit our future needs and have the comfort knowing we've planned for the future. Carol made it happen, let us know where there may or may not be pitfalls and guided us through the process with ease. You won't be sorry if you reach out to her for all of your Long Term Care policy needs"

-Bill & Connie (WA)

"Getting a long-term care plan was something that my husband and I wanted to do, but we didn't know where to start. Carol was incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, and patient in educating us on all our options. Once we figured out what plan we wanted to go with, Carol guided us through each step of the application process—letting us know what to expect, filling out the forms, keeping us updated with status, and answering our questions. We now have our plan in place, and we couldn't be happier. Thank you, Carol!"

-Jennine H. & Christian B. (CA)

"Carol was a delight to work with. She combined a thorough knowledge of long term care insurance options with a friendly, down-to earth personality making the entire process stress free. We highly recommend Carol to assist with anyone’s long-term care insurance needs."

-Mark & Maria (WA)

"Honestly, I began my journey for choosing long term life insurance with trepidation. I saw Carol Guilbault’s name in a professional magazine. Trusting that organization only listed quality agents, I took a chance on Carol. This was one of the best decisions I ever made! From the beginning, Carol gave us just enough appropriate information without overload and without any kind of sales pressure. She was so knowledgeable, she was able to whittle our options down to 2 or 3 good plans after asking all the right questions. Carol made herself available for conference calls which really helped us. Her advice was appropriate and, in the end, she allowed us the space to make our decision. Carol Guilbault is competent, professional, easy to work with and really just extremely good. We are very grateful for her help and guidance in the potentially complicated world of long term care insurance."

-Jennifer H. (CA)

"Carol was a pleasure to work with on our long-term health care needs. She listened to our requirements and clearly explained our options. She helped us navigate through pros and cons of all the options to come up with the best solution. After we chose our option Carol represented us with the underwriters to work through some issues and got us a positive ruling. Overall it was a great experience working with Carol to obtain the insurance we were looking for. She went the extra mile for us and kept us informed during the entire process."

-Angela & Terence B. (CA)


"Carol J. Guilbault was simply wonderful to work with—thorough and clear with the information and comparative plans she provided, patient with my questions during our long conversations on the phone, and efficient when I was ready to apply for insurance. She guided me through the process, making it much easier, and gave me excellent advice. I ended up with excellent insurance. I'm so glad I didn't try to do this on my own, or with another agent. She's the best!"

-Jackie D. (CA)

"My husband and I were hit by a significant premium increase this year for our long term care (LTC) policies. The carrier offered several options -- by reducing our coverage we could reduce our premiums. I needed help deciphering which option would best serve our needs, so I called Carol Guilbault for help. She spent considerable time explaining changes in the industry that lead to the premium increase, then advised me about the advantages and disadvantages of each option the carrier offered. I gained a better understanding of the LTC industry, and I feel very good about the option I chose. I am so glad that I called Carol!"

-Mary H. (AZ)

"Just a note to say thank you so much for your patience and persistence in guiding me through all of the LTC options. I feel so much comfort knowing that this is finally in place and that we are financially protected at a time when we may need it the most.
As a nurse, I see this need present itself so often with patients. Sadly, more often than not, no one has planned for LTC. Patients often then struggle alone to figure out how they will meet their own needs for assistance and care. Family members, IF they have willing and able ones, can often only do so much as they have their own lives, households and jobs to tend to. And they may live far distances away. Additionally, the tasks involved with such care are many times quite comprehensive and overwhelming, especially if it is a person requiring total care or is suffering from memory issues.
It has been a pleasure working with you on this important part of our life plan. I wish that everyone would do this for their own peace of mind, and their family as well. Respectfully..."

-Lauren S. (CA)

"It's been a pleasure working with you. I have very high praise for you because you educated us to the point where we were able to make a decision that we are comfortable with. You didn't push us one way or another. That is exactly the way to treat customers and we really noticed and appreciated it . I can certainly understand why you are so successful at what you do. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for LTC coverage."

-Sue and Dom (CA)

"I have known Carol for about 12 years. She is an absolutely stellar advisor in the Long Term Care industry. There is no one I know who is more passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable about this subject matter. Planning for future or current Elder Care and quality of life have risen to the top of the priority lists of most of my clients and I have referred many to Carol to assist them with this challenging dilemma- how to insure for catastrophic illness or custodial or memory care if/when it impacts us or our loved ones. I encourage anyone with need for assistance in this practice area to call and consult with Carol!"

-Thomas L. (WA)


"Carol Guilbault provided excellent advice and quality service throughout our efforts to secure Long Term Care insurance. We were completely new to this type of insurance, and she ably and patiently got us through the 'process thicket' and, much to our relief, with coverage in hand".

- Larry P. (WA)

"WLFB is an Investment Advisory and Financial Planning Boutique in the Seattle area. We have a risk management practice as one of our services. We have specialists in life, disability income and long term care. Since 2007 we have had an exclusive relationship with Carol Guilbault. We are believers in long term care and ask that all clients consult with Carol. To say we have been pleased with the level of competence and attention to our clients is an understatement! Once we make the referral, Carol steps up and contacts the client, completes a data gathering session and then quotes the case. I always check back with the client to make sure THEY are following up as I know Carol will. I could not say enough good things about how well we and our clients have been treated"

- Mark A., Registered Investment Advisor (WA)

"As a long term care specialist, Carol has helped my mother, sister and me understand in simple terms long term care insurance. Carol placed us with the right products for our needs and my mother was able to collect on her benefits for over 4 years saving thousands in care costs. Carol has been responsive to any ongoing questions or servicing needs and I highly recommend her for all of your long term care insurance needs."

- Rob R. (WA)

"There are only a few people we would trust with our decision about my Long Term Care. It is a scary topic with so many conflicting choices. Carol took those fears on and gave us a clear plan which has made us rest easily. She extended herself to learn about us and help us make the best choices. I have and would HIGHLY recommend her.”

- Betty N. (CA)

"If you want long term insurance I would highly recommend Carol Guilbault. Down to earth, sincere and caring and a real pleasure to work with. She is a professional who truly loves her career and helping people.”

-Steve G. (WA)

"Many thanks for your excellent advice, something we would not have figured out ourselves. I commend you on your honesty, helpfulness, and knowledge, qualities that are not often evident in persons representing companies. I will be letting my group know about how helpful you were and what a valuable service you provided us.
Again, much thanks for all the information and guidance."

-DA (CA)

"Carol is a very conscientious, knowledgeable and professional LTC Specialist who went above and beyond my expectations in assisting me from start to finish. Unfortunately, due to my particular circumstances I chose not to participate in a LTC plan at this time. Be assured Carol will thoroughly assess your needs and present the best possible LTC solutions."

-Penny H. (CA)


“Carol took us from 'What About Long Term Care?' to the perfect coverage for us. She was a patient guide along the journey, helping us understand options and making sound recommendations based on our unique circumstance. Once we decided what we wanted, she was a 'bulldog', shepherding our application through the underwriting process. As a great communicator, Carol kept us completely up to date on where we were in the process and was our tireless advocate. This would have been a confusing and frustrating voyage without Carol as our guide.”

-Jeff D. (OR)


“For knowledgeable and readily accessible help, it doesn't get any better than Carol. My Ivy League alma mater referred her to me and, as usual, they found the very best! I couldn't be more pleased with her personal care and professional service (especially since I know I am not always the easiest to please!!)"

-Susan K. (CA)


“When one tries to find LTC it is wonderful beyond words to find one who knows the entire industry, where it is going and can find the perfect fit, explain the details and as we have found out over seven years later when we had questions, Carol Guilbault was there to help us out again. We believe her to be the finest possible industry representative and are extremely happy to have found her."

-Ronald L. (MT)


"Great!! Thanks for letting me know! And thank you so much for all of your help!! You are so knowledgeable and helpful! I appreciate all that you did for me! Thanks again for everything! Best..."

-Barbara M. (CA)


"Our trust attorney recommended Carol Guilbault to us. We asked her to review our thirteen-year-old long term care policy. Acting as our agent, she applied her wealth of knowledge in providing us with some clear options going forward. Her service was fast and thorough, and afforded us real peace of mind. We recommend her highly."

-The Bells (WA)